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Bass Guitar Transcription and Tuition Books

For over 15 years Bassline Publishing has published a range of critically acclaimed transcription books covering legendary bassists such as Mark King, Stuart Hamm, Stuart Zender, Marcus Miller and Bernard Edwards. We have also published a range of highly acclaimed tuition books such as Ultimate Slap Bass, Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar, The Bass Player’s Guide to Scales & Modes and The Bass Guitarist’s Guide to Reading Music, a three book series aimed at players of all levels.

We also publish a range of ebooks and interactive textbooks: we have developed all of our tuition books for the Apple iPad, incorporating video and audio elements into the book where possible, resulting in a superior e-reading experience. These books are available through both iTunes and the iBookstore and you can read more about them here. We have released all of these books for standard e-readers as well, including the Amazon Kindle.

Our latest releases are The Incognito Bass Book and The Level 42 Bass Book – Volume 2. In addition, we’re currently working on a range of video courses, which are due for release later in 2018. These will be available via subscription to the new members section of our website.

We’re also now stocking a carefully selected range of bass guitar books from other authors, including Ed Friendland’s Building Walking Basslines and Expanding Walking Basslines, as well as John Goldsby’s excellent The Jazz Bass Book: Technique and Tradition. We’re also pleased to now be stocking Standing in the Shadows of Motown: The Life and Music of Legendary Bassist James Jamerson as well as a range of Jaco Pastorius books.