The Jamiroquai Bass Book – Volume 1

The Jamiroquai Bass Book – Volume 1 contains transcriptions of bassist Stuart Zender’s lines from the Emergency on Planet Earth and Return of the Space Cowboy albums.

ISBN: 978-0-9557981-9-1
Number of Pages: 184


The Jamiroquai Bass Book – Volume 1 contains accurate note-for-note transcriptions of the finest tracks from the group’s first two albums, Emergency on Planet Earth and Return of the Space Cowboy including ‘Too Young to Die’, ‘Music of the Mind’, ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’, ‘Just Another Story’, ‘The Kids’, Mr. Moon’, and ‘Space Cowboy’. Each track is notated in both standard notation and TAB and includes chord symbols. Each song also has a set of with detailed performance notes.

The book contains the following songs:

  • When You Gonna Learn
  • Too Young to Die
  • Hooked Up
  • If I Like It, I Do It
  • Music of the Mind
  • Emergency on Planet Earth
  • Whatever It Is, I Just Can’t Stop
  • Blow Your Mind
  • Just Another Story
  • Stillness in Time
  • Light Years
  • Manifest Destiny
  • The Kids
  • Mr. Moon
  • Scam
  • Space Cowboy

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