The Mark King Bass Book

This book is a collection of Mark King’s best known instrumental tracks as recorded with Level 42. The book also contains transcriptions of three of Mark’s live bass solos and a detailed style analysis.

ISBN: 978-0-9557981-7-7
Number of Pages: 157


The Mark King Bass Book features bass transcriptions for all of the best known instrumentals that Mark recorded with jazz/funk group Level 42 including ‘Sandstorm’, ‘Mr. Pink’, ‘43’, ‘Foundation & Empire’ and ‘The Pursuit of Accidents’. There are also transcriptions of three of Mark’s best-known live bass solos as well as detailed style analysis. All transcriptions have extensive performance notes.

The book contains the following songs:

  • Sandstorm
  • Theme to Margaret
  • Mr. Pink
  • 88
  • 43
  • Dune Tune
  • Foundation & Empire
  • The Pursuit of Accidents
  • The Return of the Handsome Rugged Man
  • The Essential
  • Bass Solo (from Live at Wembley 1986)
  • Bass Solo (from Live at Town & Country Club)
  • Bass Solo (from Live at Reading 2001)

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1 review for The Mark King Bass Book

  1. oliver.hall

    What a great piece of work!
    While the the Internet is surely a great resource providing access to a seemingly never ending stream of tutorials (where variations in ‘ the definitive guide’ can sometimes create as many problems as help) and live videos, Stuart’s book consolidates his obvious encyclopedic knowledge of Mark King’s style and technique, along with meticulous transcriptions of some great tracks and solos in a really well produced book.
    I also have the Physical Presence transcription which is similarly good.
    If you’re a Mark King fan – this is “The Essential”.
    Great work Stuart.