Tapping is a rather unconventional technique, but in the right hands, it can be a valuable musical tool. In this series of courses, we’ll be getting started with the fundamentals. We’ll be covering finger dexterity exercises, muting, and we’ll be talking about the best way to set up your bass for using the technique. We’ll also be covering arpeggios and chord voicings and of course we’ll be learning to play some cool tapping lines along the way.

If you’ve never used the tapping technique before, this is the course for you because we’ll be starting with the absolute basics. By the end of this Beginner course, you’ll have taken a significant step towards mastering the tapping technique.

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Beginner Level – Tapping

This course is the perfect place to start if you are new to the tapping technique. Throughout this series, we'll be looking at each element of the technique in turn, learning how to use it, then employing it in a series of real-world exercises.

Each of the video courses shown below contains several sub-courses containing many hours of detailed instruction. For each of these, there is a downloadable resources folder containing PDF worksheets(available to subscribers only).