Level 42 – A Physical Presence Bass Transcriptions

This book is a complete set of bass guitar transcriptions for the classic live Level 42 album A Physical Presence. Featuring hit songs such as ‘Hot Water’, ‘The Chinese Way’ and ‘The Sun Goes Down’ as well as instrumental pieces such as ‘Mr. Pink’ and ‘Foundation & Empire’, this book is essential reading for fans of legendary bassist Mark King.

ISBN: 978-0-9926268-5-3
Number of Pages: 190

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A Physical Presence was recorded and released in 1985 and was Level 42’s first live record. Capturing the original lineup in their prime, the album showcases the unique blend of superior musicianship and songwriting talents that had proven so popular with their fans. For admirers of Mark King’s inimitable style of bass playing, the album is a treasure trove: classic instrumental pieces such as ‘Mr. Pink’ and ‘Foundation & Empire’ sit alongside pop hits such as ‘Hot Water’ and ‘The Chinese Way’, all driven by King’s energetic basslines.

The book contains the following songs:

  • Almost There
  • Turn It On
  • Mr. Pink
  • Eyes Waterfalling
  • Kansas City Milkman
  • Follow Me
  • Foundation & Empire
  • The Chant Has Begun
  • The Chinese Way
  • The Sun Goes Down
  • Hot Water
  • Bass Solo
  • Love Games
  • 88

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