Many bass players feel very comfortable employing their slap techniques over a straight 4/4 rhythm, but far less comfortable when the music has a shuffle feel. When playing in the shuffle feel, linear slap grooves (particularly those that incorporate fretting hand slaps) can be a little more difficult to execute, and it’s these grooves that we’ll be focussing on in this video course.

A shuffle feel is where the beat is subdivided into triplets rather than eighth notes, or sixteenth notes. This feel is common in many genres of music, including rock, funk, jazz and blues, so it’s an important one to become comfortable with. It’s important to be aware that the shuffle feel can be notated in two different ways: in 4/4 time using triplets, or in 12/8 time. 12/8 time still has four beats in the bar but subdividing into three. The exercises in this chapter are written in 12/8.

You can learn more about shuffle grooves in the Slap Bass – Advanced Level video course, which you can find HERE. Don't forget to hit the Download Resources button above to receive the PDF worksheet and audio files that accompany these lessons.

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