Advanced Level – Slap Bass Study #2

This study piece features a very busy style of slap playing, one that has been popularised by bassists such as Mark King, Stuart Hamm, and Victor Wooten. A wide range of slap techniques are put to use in this piece, including fretting hand slaps, chord strumming, double popping and open string hammer-ons.

For bassists who wish to learn the piece but require additional assistance with some of the techniques required, the following courses (all included in the monthly subscription cost) should prove useful:

Don’t forget to hit the Download Resources button above to get the PDF transcription and audio files for this piece (available to subscribers only). The transcription is available with TAB and without, for those who wish to give their reading skills a workout.

This course is 42 MINUTES long and contains the following videos, each of which can be selected from the video player above: