Double Thumbing – Part 1

The double thumbing technique is a relatively recent addition to the slap bassist’s arsenal. Although several bassists such as French Canadian virtuoso Alain Caron were using it in the mid-eighties, it really grabbed the attention of bassists everywhere in the nineties, largely thanks to Victor Wooten.

Through his work with Béla Fleck & The Flecktones, Victor has been wowing audiences since 1990 with his dazzling technique. Fast building a reputation for his technical prowess, Victor stunned the bass world in 1996 with the release of his debut album A Show Of Hands. This seminal work has since become one of the most important bass player albums of all time, with Victor proving that it is possible for a bassist to possess truly ridiculous chops while retaining their musical sensibilities and a strong command of the groove. Compositions such as ‘You Can’t Hold No Groove’, ‘Classical Thump’ and the ultra funky ‘Me & My Bass Guitar’ have inspired countless other bassists to explore the exciting possibilities of double thumbing. As a result, many other great players have since stepped forward to make their own contributions to the technique.