Bass Lick of the Week #28

This exercise is a slow tempo groove in E minor with some harmonic chords sustained across the top.

To play the bass note and harmonics at the beginning of each bar, I recommend plucking the E-string with your thumb, and the D and G-strings with your first and second finger. After plucking these notes you’ll need to carefully play the bass groove on the lower two strings without touching the top two strings - it’s important that the harmonics continue to ring throughout each bar.

The harmonics in the first three bars create different voicings of an Em7 chord. In the first bar, the two harmonics are G and D, the minor third and minor seventh of the chord respectively. In the second bar the harmonics are F# and B, the ninth and fifth of the chord.

In order to ensure that the harmonics ring out effectively, you’ll need to boost your treble control slightly. If you are playing a two-pickup bass, it might also be an idea to favour the bridge pickup slightly.

To download the backing track and PDF worksheet for this exercise, please visit the Free Stuff section of the website.