Slap Bass – Double Popping

When it comes to popping notes, most players will favour either their first or second finger. It’s nevertheless an excellent idea to be comfortable using either one, as this opens up other options. If you’ve been working through these courses in order, the Double Stops course (Intermediate Level) will have given you the opportunity to work on this to some extent.

This course will demonstrate how to use the first and second fingers to pop notes one after the other, as opposed to popping them simultaneously. The combination of thumb slaps and first and second finger pops makes for another excellent way to play triplets, as you will discover from the exercises in this course. These can then be used as rhythmic figures that can add an extra dimension to your slap lines.

If you require additional help with any of the techniques used here, the following courses (all included in the monthly subscription cost) should prove useful:

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This course is 30 MINUTES long and contains the following videos, each of which can be selected from the video player above: