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Apple iPad Textbooks

We know that many of our customers enjoy using digital books. We are therefore pleased to announce that we have made all of our original titles available as iPad textbooks. This exciting format allows for gorgeous, full colour digital books that include embedded video/audio content. This makes them far superior to more basic PDF books.

iPad textbooks allow the user to read the music and play back the audio file from the same page. This means that learning new techniques – or learning to read music – is both a fun and enriching experience. As the iPad is a touchscreen device, you’ll find that navigating around even a large book is extremely simple – it’s possible to jump from chapter to chapter with ease. Many of our iPad textbooks also feature built-in glossaries for looking up musical terminology.

As there are no physical books to print and deliver, iPad textbooks are more affordable than the physical versions. The added bonus is that you can take your entire library with you on one single device! They are also available to customers all over the world, with no long waiting times for delivery.

The following books are currently available as iPad textbooks: The Bass Guitarist’s Guide to Reading Music (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced books), The Bass Player’s Guide to Scales & Modes, Ultimate Slap Bass (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced books), Ultimate Tapping for Bass Guitar, Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar, Advanced Studies for Bass Guitar and our latest title, Giants of Bass.

Please see our FAQ page for commonly asked questions about our iPad books.

iPad textbooks are available to purchase from iTunes or the iBookstore. To see our range of books in the iTunes store, select your country from the drop-down menu below.