Frequently Asked Questions


Questions About Our Video Courses

How do I buy a subscription?
You can purchase a subscription by clicking on the ‘Subscribe Now’ button on any of the courses. This will take you to the subscription product page where you can choose either a monthly or annual subscription. Add to the cart and checkout as normal.

Does my monthly subscription renew automatically each month?
Yes. You only need to purchase this once, it will then renew each monthly unless cancelled, which you can do at any time.

Can I try it for just one month?
Yes. Because you can cancel at any time, you can subscribe for as long as you wish.

How often will new content be added?
New content will be added regularly. Stuart is filming courses all of the time, and will also add additional exercises into existing courses from time to time. On the main video courses page you will be able to see some of the courses that are in the pipeline.

I have purchased Stuart’s books. Are these courses the same content?
In some cases they are (such as Giants of Bass), but not always. The benefit of a video course (as opposed to a book) is that new material can be added at any time. Stuart is always writing new exercises, and over time these will be added into existing courses.


Questions About Our Books

Why are some books perfect bound instead of spiral bound?
This has been done to improve durability and presentation. Now that they are perfect bound, they will be right at home on the shelf with your other music books.

I can’t find the song I want!
If it’s not included in the book, there’s a chance there may be a transcription of it in the Free Stuff section of the website. You’ll need to create an account for this (which you’ll do anyway during the process of purchasing a book), but once you have done so all the content is free.

Are individual songs available for purchase?
No. Copyright permissions for the songs do not allow for this.

How do I know the transcriptions are accurate?
Author Stuart Clayton has many years of transcription experience, and the testimonials included on each individual page – from both the artists and customers – speak for themselves.

Can you send me a PDF of the book I want?
We are unable to sell transcription books as PDFs due to licensing restrictions. However, many of our theory and technique books available to purchase in PDF format from the main menu. In addition, these books are also available as Apple iPad books (which is an amazing format!) and Kindle books.


Questions about Shipping Charges

Our books are sold on a delivery duty unpaid basis. This means that the customer may have to pay additional import duty or a formal customs entry fee prior to or on delivery.

Any additional taxes/fees/duties will be subject to local legislation and we recommend that our customers check these details before placing an order for international delivery. Please note that these charges will vary from country to country and we are unable to provide details of what they might be.

How are the shipping charges calculated?
Shipping charges are calculated through Royal Mail. We offer both first and second-class shipping within the UK. A small additional charge (85p) is added to the charge to cover our packaging costs. Although shipping costs are sometimes higher than expected to some countries, please bear in mind that books are heavy!

Why is shipping to my country so expensive?
Shipping heavy books to countries on the other side of the world can be quite expensive. However, all of our books are also available via Amazon, which will usually be a far cheaper option in terms of shipping costs.

How long will I have to wait for my order?
We aim to ship all orders within 48 hours. Please be aware that we are a small business and during busy times, this might take a day or two longer. Once we have shipped orders, the delivery time depends on the postal service: in the UK this can mean you’ll receive your books on the next working day, but in some parts of the world you may wait 1 – 3 weeks. Please note that we are unable to answer this question if you ordered via Amazon – you would need to contact them.

How are the books packaged?
All books are shipped in protective cardboard sleeves which are the same as those used by Amazon. This means that your order will reach you in perfect condition. If it doesn’t, we want to know.


Questions About Our Digital Books

I don’t have an iPad. Are these books available for Android tablets?
No – unfortunately. We’d love to make versions for Android users as well, but at the moment there is no software for doing so. If you have a Mac you will be able to view these books in the iBooks app, but there is currently no option for viewing these books on a Windows PC.

However, we have made most of our iPad titles available as Kindle books, which you would be able to purchase and read on any device. To check out our Kindle range, please search the Amazon Kindle store for ‘Stuart Clayton’.

Are any of your transcription books available as iPad textbooks?
No. This would require additional licensing from publishers, who are typically reluctant to license music for digital books due to piracy concerns.


Other Questions

What happens to my personal details when I create an account?
Please view our Privacy and Cookie Policy to see what happens with your personal information on our site.