Combining Techniques

If you've worked successfully through all of the other courses in the Advanced Slap Bass section of this website, you'll now have at your disposal a versatile slap technique indeed. But of course, there are always further ways to enhance the technique, and that's what we'll be looking at in this course.

As you'll discover, the slap technique can be easily combined with other techniques such as tapping, strumming and harmonics to play some particularly outlandish material. Many of the slap and pop masters such as Stuart Hamm, Marcus Miller, Les Claypool and Victor Wooten are equally adept at using these other styles and their bass parts are often based around different combinations of techniques.

The exercises in course will combine all of the elements of slap bass you have learnt in the Advanced section with other techniques. There is little explanation needed for these lines since all of the slap techniques used here will have been covered throughout the individual courses.

Remember that these lines are merely illustrations of what can be achieved by combining techniques. While these bass parts may have a home on a flashy solo bass record, they shouldn’t be overused!