Chordal Fingerstyle Study

This study piece is a solo bass composition that will get you acquainted with the chordal fingerstyle technique. This involves playing the strings of the bass using the thumb and fingers of the picking hand. Although this is a technique that is more commonly associated with the guitar, you’ll find that it works equally well on bass. Whilst it’s admittedly rare that bassists are required to perform solo, there’s nevertheless a certain satisfaction to be had from performing a piece of unaccompanied music.

For bassists who wish to learn the piece but require additional assistance with some of the techniques required, the following courses (all included in the monthly subscription cost) should prove useful:

Don’t forget to hit the Download Resources button above to get the PDF transcription and audio files for this piece (available to subscribers only). The transcription is available with TAB and without.

This course is 34 minutes long and contains the following videos, each of which can be selected from the video player above: