Advanced Level

Slap Bass – Advanced Level Exercise Area

Course Duration: 42 Minutes | Difficulty Level: 8

This is the final video course in the advanced slap bass series. In the exercises that follow, everything that has been covered throughout these courses will be put to the test.

These exercises utilise advanced techniques such as double thumbing and double popping, as well as open string hammer-ons. There are also lines that combine slap bass with techniques such as tapping, strumming, harmonics and more. There is nothing in these exercises that hasn't been covered extensively in the slap bass courses on this website, so be sure to refer back to relevant courses if needed.

Don’t forget to hit the Download Resources button above in order to download the PDF worksheet and audio files for this course (available to subscribers only). The worksheet is available with TAB and without, for those who wish to give their reading skills a workout.