In this series of video courses, we’ll be expanding on the basics of plectrum playing, and using the techniques covered in the Beginner Level course to play more complex sixteenth note-based lines.

We’ll be examining a series of different rhythms in this course, starting with continuous sixteenth notes, then combining sixteenths with other rhythmic values. Along the way we’ll be working on technique-builder exercises, but also putting everything we cover to use in a series of ‘real world’ basslines.

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Intermediate Level – Plectrum Technique

This intermediate level plectrum video course follows directly on from the beginner instalment, building on the ideas that were covered there. This time around, we’ll be expanding on the alternate picking concept and using it to play more complex, sixteenth note-based lines.

Each of the video courses shown below contains multiple videos containing many hours of detailed instruction. For each of these, there is a downloadable resources folder containing PDF worksheets (available to subscribers only).