In this series of video courses, we’ll be expanding on the concepts covered in the intermediate plectrum course, and learning how we can use the plectrum to play more complex rhythms

We’ll be examining heavily syncopated sixteenth note-based grooves, as well as looking at the various picking problems presented by triplet rhythms. We'll also be taking an in-depth look at how the plectrum is used in rock and metal basslines, pop basslines and funk/R&B basslines. There's some challenging material in this video course, but mastering these lines will ultimately prove incredibly satisfying!

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Plectrum Bass – Advanced Level

This advanced level plectrum video course follows directly on from the beginner and intermediate courses, significantly building on all of the ideas that were covered there. This time around, we’ll be looking at heavily syncopated sixteenth note-based lines and triplet rhythms. We'll also be working through a huge range of exercises in multiple different genres.

Each of the video courses shown below contains multiple videos containing many hours of detailed instruction. For each of these, there is a downloadable resources folder containing PDF worksheets (available to subscribers only).