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1. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the postal address supplied through PayPal is correct – it is common for customers to change address and forget to update their PayPal account accordingly! In situations where an order has already been sent to a previous address, the buyer will be required to pay the postage for a second order to be sent to the correct address. If you would like your order to be sent to an address different to that indicated on your PayPal account, please email info@basslinepublishing.com with your correct address details at the time of ordering.

2. Some books are not available in the territory of North America. Whilst the system will allow customers in this territory to place orders for restricted books, they will NOT be processed. Payment will be returned to your PayPal or Stripe account/Credit Card minus the transaction fee.

3. Users agree not to distribute, copy or reproduce in any way the content found on this website. Downloadable material is intended for personal, educational and non-commercial use only.

4. Ordering books from us allows us to use your personal data. By submitting your order, you are also allowing us to use your personal details for the purposes of supplying the goods concerned. The basis upon which we obtain and use personal data for this and other purposes is set out in our Privacy & Cookie Policy.