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Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar

Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar is a complete method for learning to play the bass guitar with a plectrum. It contains 201 exercises plus four study pieces and is suitable for beginners to the technique as well as highly accomplished players.

ISBN: 978-0-9926268-4-6
Number of Pages: 202

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Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar is the third book in the popular Bass Techniques Series and is a complete method for learning to play the bass guitar with a plectrum. Starting with the absolute basics, it covers logical applications of the alternate picking technique and demonstrates how they can be applied to play any bassline with a pick that can be played with the fingers. There are 201 exercises in the book, as well as four full-length study pieces. All exercises in the book are supported by audio files which are free to download from this website.

The book contains the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 - Alternate Picking - Part 1
  • Chapter 2 - String Crossing
  • Chapter 3 - Alternate Picking - Part 2
  • Chapter 4 - Semiquaver Rhythms - Part 1
  • Chapter 5 - Semiquaver Rhythms - Part 2
  • Chapter 6 - Semiquaver Rhythms - Part 3
  • Chapter 7 - Triplets
  • Chapter 8 - Rock and Metal Basslines
  • Chapter 9 - Pop Basslines
  • Chapter 10 - Funk and R&B Basslines
  • Chapter 11 - Plectrum Study #1
  • Chapter 12 - Plectrum Study #2
  • Chapter 13 - Plectrum Study #3
  • Chapter 14 - Plectrum Study #4
  • Chapter 15 - Carol Kaye
  • Chapter 16 - Anthony Jackson

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