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About Bassline Publishing

Bassline Publishing was set up in 2005 by Stuart Clayton, an experienced bassist and writer who had previously worked as a staff writer on Bass Guitar Magazine and who had written seven instructional titles for Sanctuary Publishing. These include 100 Tips For Bass You Should Have Been Told, Bass Styles, Crash Course: Bass and Giants Of Bass. Stuart is also an experienced performer and teacher and currently runs the bass department at BIMM Bristol in the UK.

The aim of Bassline Publishing was initially to publish transcription books featuring artists that were neglected by the larger publishing houses. The first to be released were a five-volume series of transcription/analysis books featuring Mark King of Level 42. These critically acclaimed titles proved enormously popular with bassists all over the world and sold extremely well for several years. Today, many of these transcriptions are still available in two books: The Level 42 Bass Book and The Mark King Bass Book.

The Level 42 books were followed by a transcription book for virtuoso bassist Stuart Hamm entitled The Stuart Hamm Bass Book: Outbound & Beyond which featured performance notes from Stuart Hamm himself. We then went on to release The John Entwistle Bass Book and the enduringly popular Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards: Funk and Disco Grooves for Bass and Guitar, a transcription and analysis book that covers all of the legendary disco duo’s hit songs that were written for artists such as Chic, Sister Sledge and Diana Ross.

In an effort to focus more on UK bass players, we released The Jamiroquai Bass Book in 2009, a highly detailed transcription and analysis book which features all of bassist Stuart Zender’s most popular lines from the first two Jamiroquai albums. We also released a transcription book for the popular Brand New Heavies album Brother Sister in the same year, a great album which features another often overlooked bassist in Andrew Levy.

Over the years we've also released a series of popular tuition books. The first of these was Ultimate Slap Bass, a complete beginner to advanced tutorial book which was released in 2005 to rave reviews. This was followed by The Bass Player's Guide to Scales & Modes in 2011 and a three-book series The Bass Guitarist's Guide to Reading Music in 2013.

In recent years Bassline Publishing has also embraced digital publishing. All of our tuition titles have been developed as interactive books for the Apple iPad and as conventional eBooks that can be purchased through all of the major online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Sony.

The Bassline Publishing website includes an exclusive area for customers which is accessed through the Free Stuff! link on the main menu. By logging in, customers will have access to extra content for all of the books, including transcriptions, videos, interviews and lessons.

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